Members Code of Conduct

The club plays its bowls under the rules of the English Short Mat Bowls Association. At the elementary club level this is pretty straight forward but it becomes more significant if you go on to play at a higher level. The club does not have a strict set of rules but does expect members to adhere to a simple Code of Conduct so that we can all enjoy our bowls in safety and in a convivial atmosphere. This is it:

  • Endeavour to improve and play to the highest standard - whilst we do not take our bowls too seriously we do expect people to come along to play bowls and not just for an afternoon out!

  • Treat fellow members with respect both on the mat and off - in general we are a friendly bunch and will not entertain members who are disrespectful or abusive to their colleagues

  • Maintain high standards of behaviour and language - being silly, arguing, swearing; none of these are welcome or tolerated. We come to the club’s events to enjoy ourselves, not to be offended by others

  • Take due care for own safety and of others - short mat bowls is a low risk game but accidents from being hit by woods or by tripping over can occur if people are not concerned for both their own safety and for those with whom they are playing

  • Play to the rules, no cheating! - there is no point in playing the game if you are going to cheat; the rules exist for a purpose and should always be followed

  • Contribute and help with the running of the club - there is always something to do. At the very least help put the equipment and and then put it away, help in the kitchen making teas and, if you are able and have other skills, help by becoming a club officer. All are essential roles to helping keeping the club ticking over.